JUSQUA Pomegranate Juice


Why are we unique?

Available round the year.

We are experts in delivering the best and purest form of  pomegranate  .With more than 5000 acre of  Pomegranate farms all over the country we are able to deliver always fresh and best Pomegranate Juice.

100% natural

JUSQU’A 100% natural pomegranate juice is squeezed straight from garden-picked fresh pomegranates and contain no chemicals, additives, artificial colors, added water or added sugar. JUSQU’A is just purest form of  pomegranate.

100% raw and high quality juice

JUSQU’A 100% natural Pomegranate juice is squeezed from garden-picked fresh pomegranates. We use only best quality pomegranates for juicing. We don’t compromise with hygiene and quality.

Fun Fact


Pomegranates are often appreciated because they are filled with more antioxidants like puritanical than other super foods like acacia berry juice or green tea.

Recipe Of The Day


Hand squeeze the pomegranates into a tall shaker glass, allowing the seeds and pulp to collect along with the juice. Twist and lightly bruise the mint and add it to the juice

Weekly Interview: Durgesh Patel

Tarang: Mr.Patel tell us about how you liked Jusqu’a 100% pomegrante Juice?
Durgesh: Well,For those unfamiliar with the brand, Jusqu’a 100% pomegrante Juice is actually a fairly straightforward beverage. The Jusqu’a 100% Pomegranate juice is exactly what it claims to be,just pomegranate juice with No Added Sugar,No Added Water,No Added Colorings,No Added Additives.I like pomegranate a bit, but I found the juice to be quite tasty.
Tarang: Did you enjoy it at first?
Durgesh: Although the juice tastes sweet, fruity, and tangy after first sip.But I don’t think that this is really a bad thing, as I enjoyed it later.
Tarang: Any Feedback For other consumers?
Durgesh: If you like all-natural, unsweetened fruit juices, then this is definitely one to check out.It is a boom for diabetic Patients.
Tarang: What did you liked the most?
Durgesh:I absolutely love the unique shape of the bottle,as it gives exact resemblance of drinking Freshly Squeezed Juice.